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Related Organizations & Useful Links

Pan American Development Foundation

The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is a leader in economic development, enhancing civil society, and responding to natural disasters. Created in 1962 through a unique agreement between the Organization of American States and the private sector, PADF's key to success is its ability to develop and maintain a network comprised of governments, companies, and local organizations.

PADF brings together public, private and multinational organizations to generate sustainable growth along four primary crossing points along the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  By improving state presence in this relatively ungoverned territories, improving security by bringing together public authorities and involving regional groups in resolving long-running conflicts, PADF has helped the Dominican Republic and Haiti to set the conditions for economic growth. PADF has also supported bi-national conflict mitigation and economic development efforts along the border.

U.S. Department of Labor

The United States Permanent Mission to the OAS often works with the U.S. Department of Labor. In particular, The U.S. Mission often finds itself collaborating with the Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB).

ILAB has development programs all throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. For a list of their projects and reports, please visit their website.

The U.S. Department of Labor also regularly participates in the Inter-American Conferences of Ministers of Labor. The XVI Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML) was held on 6-8 October, 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Numerous members of the U.S. Department of Labor attended this conference and the head of the U.S. delegation was the Secretary of Labor, Hilda L. Solis.

U.S. Department of Education

Like the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S Department of Education contributes to many OAS initiatives and activities. Among other things, representatives from the U.S. Department of Education attend ministerial-level Education meetings and other related conferences.

Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank, the oldest and largest regional bank in the world, is the main source of multilateral financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its loans and grants help finance development projects and support strategies to reduce poverty, expand growth, increase trade and investment, promote regional integration, and foster private sector development and modernization of the State. The IDB Group is composed of the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF). The IIC focuses on support for small and medium-sized businesses, while the MIF promotes private sector growth through grants and investments.

Pan American Health Organization

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), created in 1902, has served as the Western Hemisphere arm of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) since 1948. It coordinates hemispheric efforts to combat disease and promote physical and mental health. It has contributed significantly to eradicating communicable diseases and promoting improved sanitation and health conditions. The United States in a proud member of PAHO.

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